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SellMeThisPen AI
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Welcome to my SellMeThisPen AI Review. Suppose you are a Sales professional, Coach, Consultant, High Ticket Affiliate Marketer or Serving as a Closer. In that case, you know how important it is to have effective and engaging conversations with your prospects and customers. 

You need to ask the right questions, handle objections, present value, and close the deal. But how do you practice and improve your sales skills without wasting time and money on ineffective training or coaching?

That’s where SellMeThisPen AI comes in. SellMeThisPen AI is an all-in-one AI sales coaching platform that helps you be well-prepared for any sales conversation while automating admin work. In this review, I will show you how SellMeThisPen AI works, what are its main features and benefits, and why you should give it a try.

SellMeThisPen AI Review – The Overview

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Product SellMeThisPen AI
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SellMeThisPen AI Review – What it is?

SellMeThisPen AI is a software that uses artificial intelligence to help you master sales conversations. It allows you to role-play different scenarios with realistic, conversational AI buyers tailored to your buyer persona and value proposition. 

You can practice cold calls, discovery meetings, demos, and follow-ups with AI buyers that respond like real humans. You can also receive real-time assistance and feedback on your performance, as well as AI call summaries and notes that you can sync to your CRM with a single click.

SellMeThisPen AI is designed for sales reps, sales leaders, and sales enablement professionals who want to improve their sales skills, productivity, and revenue. Whether you are onboarding new reps, upskilling current reps, reinforcing learnings on client calls, maintaining CRM hygiene, or ensuring playbook adoption, SellMeThisPen AI can help you achieve your sales goals.

SellMeThisPen AI Review: How Does It Work?

SellMeThisPen AI is easy to use and integrates with your existing tools and workflows. 

Here are the main steps to get started with SellMeThisPen AI:

⇒ Create your account: You can sign up for SellMeThisPen AI with your email address or your Google, LinkedIn, or Microsoft account. You can also join SellMeThisPen AI with an invite code from your team or organization.

⇒ Set up your profile: You can customize your profile with your name, role, industry, company, product, and value proposition. You can also choose your preferred language, voice, and accent for the AI buyers.

⇒ Start practicing: You can choose from a variety of scenarios to practice with the AI buyers, such as cold calls, discovery meetings, demos, and follow-ups. You can also create your own scenarios and scripts to match your specific needs and use cases. You can practice with the AI buyers via phone, web, or app.

⇒ Get real-time assistance and feedback: As you practice or have real conversations with your prospects and customers, you can get immediate assistance and feedback from SellMeThisPen AI. You can see suggestions on what to say next, how to handle objections, how to present value, and how to close the deal. You can also see your performance metrics, such as talk time, question ratio, active listening, and more.

⇒ Review your call summaries and notes: After each call, you can see a detailed summary and transcript of your conversation, as well as key insights and action items. You can also edit and annotate your notes, and sync them to your CRM with a single click. You can also share your call recordings and feedback with your manager or coach for further review and improvement.

SellMeThisPen AI Review: Benefits

SellMeThisPen AI offers many benefits for sales professionals, such as:

⇒ Improve your sales skills: You can practice and improve your sales skills in a safe and realistic environment, without the risk of losing real deals or wasting time and money on ineffective training or coaching. You can also learn from your mistakes and get personalized feedback and guidance from SellMeThisPen AI.

⇒ Save time and automate admin work: You can free up your schedule and focus on selling, not on non-revenue tasks. You can get immediate AI call summaries and notes after each call, and effortlessly sync them to your CRM with a single click. You can also avoid watching call recordings at 2x speed or waiting a week for your 1-on-1s.

⇒ Boost your confidence and performance: You can be well-prepared and confident for any sales conversation, whether it’s a cold call, a discovery meeting, a demo, or a follow-up. You can also have better and more engaging conversations with your prospects and customers, and increase your chances of closing more deals and driving more revenue.

SellMeThisPen AI Review: Main Features

SellMeThisPen AI helps sellers in four main ways:

⇒ AI Roleplay Training: Sellers practice cold calls and discovery meetings with realistic AI buyers tailored to their buyer persona and value proposition in a safe environment before meeting real clients. The AI will challenge you with different scenarios, questions, and objections, and give you instant feedback on your performance. You can also use pre-built or custom playbooks to follow the best sales practices for your industry and product.

⇒ Real-Time Call Assistance: Sellers receive immediate assistance right on client calls to have better conversations. The AI will monitor your speech, tone, and pace, and alert you if you’re talking too much, interrupting, or missing key points. It will also suggest the best questions to ask, responses to give, and actions to take based on the context of the call. You can also access your playbooks, notes, and scripts with a single click.

⇒ Post-call Feedback: Sellers receive immediate feedback on areas of improvement on all their calls, whether it’s a role-play practice session with AI or a real conversation with a client. The AI will analyze your call and give you a score based on various metrics, such as rapport, discovery, value proposition, objection handling, and closing. You can also review the full transcript and audio recording of your call, and see the highlights and lowlights of your performance.

⇒ Sales Productivity: Sellers get immediate AI call summaries after each call and effortlessly sync their notes to their CRM with a single click, freeing up their schedule to focus on selling, not on non-revenue tasks. The AI will extract the key information from your call, such as the prospect’s name, company, pain points, needs, budget, timeline, and next steps. You can also edit, delete, or add any notes as you wish.

SellMeThisPen AI Review: Lifetime Deal

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SellMeThisPen AI Review: Who is it for?

Standardize your methodology, provide continuous individual coaching, and reinforce learnings in real-time.

Get personalized training, automate admin work & close more deals.

Improve sales reps’ performance, maintain CRM hygiene without hassle, and drive more revenue.

Practice sales conversations with AI, improve your sales skills, and gain confidence to land your first deals.

SellMeThisPen AI Review- Conclusion

SellMeThisPen AI is a powerful and innovative software that helps you master sales conversations with AI. It allows you to practice and improve your sales skills, get real-time assistance and feedback, and automate admin work. It also helps you boost your confidence and performance, and close more deals and drive more revenue.

If you want to take your sales skills and productivity to the next level, you should give SellMeThisPen AI a try. And if you want to get a lifetime deal of SellMeThisPen AI, you should act fast and grab it from Appsumo before it’s too late.

I hope this review article was helpful and informative. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Thank you for reading.


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